In 1901, Harry Stevens sold sausages at the famous Polo Grounds by calling, “Get your dachshund sausages while they’re red hot!” Sports cartoonist Tad Dorgan wanted to portray Stevens in his latest work, but he couldn’t spell ‘dachshund’ so he just wrote, “HOT DOGS!”

Ninety-six years later, Rob and Kelly Lynch opened the original Fargo Dog House at 517 First Avenue North. The Lynches introduced the region to the concept of a fresh, never frozen hot dog. They served it in a ‘baked fresh every morning’, poppy seed roll.

Word of mouth advertising brought great success to their tiny restaurant, so the Lynches purchased two, New York-style hot dog carts to meet the demand.

Outgrowing their 12 seat restaurant (and being evicted), they relocated the Fargo Dog House to 119 Broadway.

In 2005, citing the desire to end a 24/7 working lifestyle, Rob and Kelly decided it was time to close the Fargo Dog House. Sadly, finding a fresh, never frozen, Chicago-style hot dog in the Fargo/Moorhead area is now next to impossible.

The Doghouse, Inc. Concession Business